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 List of European tornadoes and tornado outbreaks

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List of European tornadoes and tornado outbreaks

Pre-20th century
Rosdalla, Ireland tornado30 April 1054Kilbeggan, Ireland--Earliest known European tornado[1]
London tornado of 109123 October 1091London, Middlesex, United Kingdom--Earliest known and perhaps strongest British tornado[1]
Vyšehrad tornado of 111930 July 1119Vyšehrad, Bohemia--Earliest known and perhaps strongest Czech tornado which destroyed palace of Czech duke at Vyšehrad now in Prague[2]
Czech tornado of 114414 May 1144Bohemia2-Two tornadoes near military camp of duke Oto.[2]
Prague tornado of 12558 April 1255Prague, Bohemia--Tornado at Prague Castle.[2]
Valletta, Malta tornado23 September 1551 (or 1556)Malta-≈600 fatalitiesPerhaps deadliest European tornado[1]
Neznašov, Czech tornado6 July 1585Bohemia--[2]
Augsburg, Germany tornado2 July 1587Augsburg, Germany--
Roma, Italy tornado4 December 1645Rome, Italy-Many fatalitiesprobably F4[citation needed]
La Rochelle - Paris, France tornadoesSeptember 1669France--Longest track tornado family in Europe.[1]
Cádiz, Spain tornadoMarch 1671Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain-Many fatalitiesApparent violent Spanish tornado.[3]
Utrecht, Netherlands tornado1 August 1674Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands--Destroyed part of the Dom Tower of Utrecht.[4]
Rome, Italy tornado12 June 1749Rome, Italy-3 fatalitiesDestroyed many houses in Rome and Ostia, probably F3 multivortex tornado.[citation needed]
Padua, Italy tornado17 August 1756Veneto, Italy--A likely F3 tornado hit the city of Padua, heavy damaging masonry buildings, with leaded roofs thrown several kilometers away.[citation needed]
Great Malvern tornado of 176114 October 1761Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom--
Woldegk, Germany tornado29 June 1764Germany--probably F5
Hainichen, Germany tornado23 April 1800Germany--probably F5[citation needed]
Fernhill Heath tornadoes22 September 1810Farnborough, Hampshire, England, UK--Widest known and perhaps strongest British tornadoes[1]
Southsea, England tornado14 December 1810Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK--Perhaps strongest British tornado[1]
Seine - Maritime, France tornado19 August 1845France-70-200 fatalitiesPerhaps strongest European tornado[1]
Sicily, Italy tornadoesDecember 1851Sicily, Italy2≈500 fatalitiesAmong deadliest European tornadoes[1]
Middle Poland31 May 1866Jarluty Duże, Humięcino2≥7 fatalites, 18 injuriesOne from deadliest tornado in Poland[5]
Brno, Czech tornado13 October 1870Brno, Moravia--Detailed scientific description by Gregor Mendel[2]
Vienna, Austria tornado29 June 1873Vienna, Austria-Many fatalities[citation needed]
Madrid, Spain tornado12 May 1886Madrid, Spain-Numerous fatalitiesDeadliest Spanish tornado of last two centuries (Carabanchel)[6]
Rhineland tornado1 July 1891North-Rhineland, Germany1at least 1 fatality, many injuredTotal destruction of Anrath, a small village, by an F4 tornado.[citation needed]
20th century
Javaugues, France tornado2 June 1902France-1 fatalityWidest known European tornado[1]
1904 Moscow tornado29 June 1904Moscow, Russia≥2≥30 fatalities[citation needed]
Barry - Chester, Wales - England tornado27 October 1913United Kingdom-Several fatalitiesPerhaps deadliest British tornadic supercell[citation needed]
Wiener Neustadt, Austria tornado10 July 1916Wiener Neustadt, Vienna, Austria-32 fatalities, 300+ injuredDeadliest and strongest known Austrian supercell tornado. (F3/T7)[citation needed]
Southern Netherlands tornado outbreak26 April 1924Netherlands≥3-[citation needed]
Borculo, Netherlands tornado outbreak10 August 1925NetherlandsMany3 fatalitiesSame outbreak as below[citation needed]
Uetersen, Germany tornado outbreak10 August 1925Uetersen11 fatalitiesSame outbreak as above, tornado (F3)[citation needed]
Lichtenvoorde - Neede - Tubbergen, Netherlands tornado1 June 1927Netherlands/Germany-10 fatalitiesPossibly multiple tornadoes, T9-T10 damage near Neede[citation needed]
Montello, Italy tornado24 July 1930Montello, Veneto, and Friuli in Italy-≥23 fatalitiesPerhaps strongest European tornado[1] struck tornadicly active area of Italy, supposed F5, gusts of about 500 km/h, leveled masonry buildings. [7]
Lublin tornado22 July 1931Poland-6 fatalitesDescribed as the F5 but it is uncertain value.[8] [9]
Nurmijärvi - Konginkangas4 August 1932Finland-1 fatality6 tornadoes (one F3) track 20 km[citation needed]
Kiuruvesi11 July 1934Finland-1 fatalityF4 tornado, strongest one in Finland[citation needed]
Loray, Doubs tornado9 June 1935Doubs, France--[citation needed]
Buckinghamshire - Cambridgeshire, England tornadoes21 May 1950United Kingdom--Longest known British tornado/tornado family[1]
Veluwe, Gelderland - Haulerwijk, Friesland, Netherlands tornadoes23 August 1950Gelderland - Friesland, Netherlands≥2-Strongest recorded tornado in Nederlands, T10 (F5) damage[citation needed] in 50 kilometre long path in Veluwe forest.[citation needed]
Castelo Branco, Portugal tornado6 November 1954Portugal-4 fatalities, 200 injuries[citation needed]
Rawa Mazowiecka and Nowe Miasto tornado15–16 May 1958Rawa Mazowiecka and Nowe Miasto in Poland23 fatalities, >100 injuries[10]
Rzeszów, Poland tornado20 May 1960South-East Poland near Rzeszów and Tomaszow Lubelskimany4 fatalities[11]
Parma, Italy tornado4 July 1965Italy≥125 fatalities, 160 injuries[citation needed]
Western Europe tornado outbreaks of 196724–25 June 1967France - Netherlands - Belgium≥8≥15 fatalitiesSame storm system produced two destructive outbreaks with fatalities in three countries[citation needed]
German Black Forest tornado10 July 1968Germany-3 fatalities[7]
Nicosia, Cyprus tornadoes22 December 1969CyprusSeveral4 fatalitiesWaterspouts (probably tornadic) came ashore[citation needed]
Venice, Italy tornado outbreak11 September 1970Veneto, ItalySeveral36 fatalitiesThe tornado outbreak originated near Padua, passed through it and ended in Venice bringing death and havoc [12] [13]
Ameland Island, Netherlands tornado11 August 1972Friesland, Netherlands-7 fatalities, 90 injuries[citation needed]
Christ's Ascension Day outbreak24 May 1979Germany6-A major outbreak struck especially parts of Eastern Germany with one violent F4 Tornado near Bad Liebenwerda (Brandenburg) where harvesters were flying.
Mid June outbreak15 June 1980Central Germany58 fatalities, at least 9 injuries (serious)Some tornadoes struck the Central German States of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. A camp site was severely damaged with some fatalities.
1981 Lithuania tornado29 May 1981Eastern Lithuania--F2, among strongest known Lithuanian tornadoes[8]
Moerdijk, Netherlands tornado6 October 1981North Brabant, Netherlands-17 fatalitiesNLM CityHopper Flight 431 encountered tornado shortly after takeoff and crashed
Gwynedd - Humberside - Essex tornado outbreak, Wales and England Tornadoes23 November 1981United Kingdom1050 fatalitiesLargest known European outbreak[1] though predominately weak tornadoes
1984 Ivanovo-Yaroslavl tornado outbreak9 June 1984Western Russia22>400 fatalities, 213 injured[1] At least one F5, one F4, and one F3 were in the outbreak that damaged 36 cities and villages, including Tver and Kostroma, in a wide area north of Moscow.[citation needed]
Shel'vov20 July 1987Ukraine1-F4 tornado that destroyed the town of Shel'vov.[citation needed]
Ameland Island, Netherlands tornado17 August 1992Friesland, Netherlands-1 fatality[citation needed]
Sigüenza, Spain tornado24 May 1993Sigüenza, Spain--F2 damage in a path across the town[citation needed]
Spijkenisse, South-Holland7 June 1997Netherlands-F1 Damage on houses, and trees ripped out of the ground[citation needed]
Mikkeli, Rantakylä12 June 1998Finland-F3 (track 10 km) destroyed some airport facilities[citation needed]
San Leonardo de Yagüe, Spain tornado1 June 1999Spain--F3 damage and thousands of trees uprooted in a forest near Soria, Spain[citation needed]
Gudar Range, Spain tornado28 August 1999Sistema Ibérico, Spain1+-F3 tornado in mountainous terrain[9]
21st century
Athens, Greece tornado27 July 2002Athens, Greece--Struck near airport[10]
Romania tornado12 August 2002Southeastern Romania-3 fatalitiesIntense (F3+), long-track (74+ km path) tornado[11]
Cyprus tornadoes27 January 2003Southern Cyprus41 fatalityTornadoes and waterspouts; Limassol worst hit at T4-T5[12]
Cyprus tornado outbreak22 January 2004Cyprus7+Multiple injuriesSevere weather outbreak with several T3-T4 tornadoes and waterspouts[12]
Late June outbreak23 June 2004Northern and Eastern Germany48 injuriesAt least one F1, an F2 and an F3 Tornado caused massive destruction. The villages of Micheln and Trebbichau in Saxony-Anhalt were heavily impacted by one of the most powerful tornadoes in modern German history.
Kontiolahti, Viinijärvi tornadoes[13]20 August 2004Finland--F2 (track 10 km) At least 2 tornadoes
Romania tornadoes7 May 2005Romania3+-1 F1, 2 F0 tornadoes associated with bow echo[14]
Garderen tornado27 July 2005Garderen, Netherlands1-T4 tornado damaging mainly woods, also some damage to property.[citation needed]
2005 Birmingham tornado28 July 2005Birmingham, United Kingdom-30 injuries, 3 of which were seriousT4 tornado, briefly became a T5 (sustained F2 tornado on the Fujita scale)
Hamburg, Germany tornado outbreak27 March 2006Germany82 fatalities
Central Europe tornado outbreak20 May 2006Germany≥12Some injuries[citation needed]
Noordwijkerhout tornado21 May 2006Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands1-T3-T4 tornado causing damage to crops and buildings[citation needed]
August 2006 UK tornado outbreaks16–18 August 2006United Kingdom-8 injuriesAt least 4 tornadoes[citation needed]
August 2006 Mainland Europe outbreak21 August 2006Western Europe-38 injuriesAt least 7 confirmed tornadoes, a further 4 unconfirmed others[citation needed]
2006 London tornado7 December 2006London, England, UK16 injuries[15]
Cyclone Kyrill tornado outbreak18 January 2007Eastern Germany>4at least one injury (serious)an F2 and three F3 tornadoes struck parts of Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg. Some houses were completely destroyed. Path length of the F3 tornado of Lauchhammer: more than 30 km.
Central England tornado outbreak23 September 2007Central England--At least 4 tornadoes reported in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and West Midlands. [14][dead link]
Salboro (Padua) tornado6 July 2008Padua, Veneto, Italy1 F0-A small tornado that hit an hurban area[16]
2008 Hautmont tornado3 August 2008Hautmont, France-4 fatalities, 13 injuriesSame outbreak as below; F4 damaged several villages[17][18]
Northern Netherlands tornado outbreak3 August 2008Friesland, Groningen, Netherlands2 confirmed, 4 reported-Same outbreak as above; T3-T4 tornadoes caused damage to property[citation needed]
2008 Poland tornado outbreak15–16 August 2008Mykanów, Poland8 confirmed, 11 reported3 fatalitiesF3 - F4 tornadoes in Opolskie, Silesian, and Łódzkie Voivodeships
Vallà (Riese Pio X) tornado6 June 2009Riese Pio X, Veneto, Italy1 F323 injuriesAn F3 tornado hit the town of Riese Pio X, notably the suburb of Vallà, with 23 injured people, and other 200 who lost their homes[19][20]
Chalkidiki, Greece tornado12 February 2010Northern Greece--F2/T3-T4 tornado[21]
Whit Monday outbreak24 May 2010Eastern Germany4 confirmed1 fatality, 38 injuriesF1, F2 and F2+ (possible F3) caused massive destruction in the States of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg of at least €250 Million and one fatality
Lichtenvoorde - Vragender - Winterswijk, Netherlands12 July 2010Netherlands16 injuriesTornado destroyed church tower in Vragender and Zwarte Cross Festival area in Lichtenvoorde. damage T5-T7, uncertainty about nature of winds, some sources cite a strong derecho as cause of damage.[citation needed]
Veneto tornado outbreak23 July 2010Veneto, Italy31 fatality, some injuries3 tornadoes hit near the cities of Venice, Padua and Vicenza; strong thunderstorms, with downbursts, in other places (a man killed near Verona)[22][23]
Hungary tornado outbreak16 August 2010Hungary3 confirmed-3 tornadoes, 2 of them likely F2; villages where tornadoes has been reported: Diósjenő, Mezőkövesd, Felsőtárkány
Lumda - Neppermin, Germany23 August 2010 Germany5 confirmed-F3 tornado in Lumda & F2 tornado in Neppermin, caused a damage of about €5 Million[citation needed]
Northern Sweden tornado outbreak4 June 2011Northern Sweden-At least 3 injuriesSeveral tornadoes reported in the provinces of Ångermanland, Västerbotten, and Norrbotten in northern Sweden. [15][16]
Sachsen - Anhalt, Germany11 September 2011 Germany2-2 F1 tornadoes confirmed[citation needed]
England and Wales tornadoes29 November 2011England and Wales, UK1 F0, 2 F1 tornadoes1 injuredOne tornado in Greater Manchester, England and another in Anglesey, Wales. Later that day, a F1 tornado struck north of Breighton.[citation needed]
Venice tornado12 June 2012Veneto, ItalyLikely an F2 tornadoNo casualties reportedA tornado hit the eastern isles of Venice, notably Lido, Sant'Elena and Sant'Erasmo, and the nearby town of Treporti, with several damages to houses, boats, cars/lorries and trees[24][25][26]
French tornado7 July 2012France4-Tornado in France F0, F0, F1, F1 [27][28][29][30]
Northern Poland tornado outbreak14 July 2012Poland-1 fatality, 10 injuriesTornadoes hit northern Poland.[31] Severe damages to houses and infrstructure. 400 ha of forests was destroyed. Two F3/T6 tornadoes are confirmed.[32]
Valencia tornado30 September 2012Spain-35 injuriesThe tornado hit a fairground and flattened a ferris wheel.[33]
Algarve tornadoes16 November 2012Algarve in PortugalF3/T6 tornado plus an F01 fatality, 13 injuries [34]Two tornadoes hit the coast of the Algarve about 10 km from one another. The strongest of the two hit Silves[35] and Lagoa and was classified by the Portuguese national weather service as F3/T6.[36][37] The weakest, almost certainly an F0, hit Alvor.[38]
Taranto tornado28 November 2012Italy11 fatality, 22 injuriesA large F2/F3 tornado wreaks destructions in Taranto and Statte (Apulia region)
Emilia tornado outbreak3 May 2013ItalyLikely an F3 tornado20 injuriesAt least three tornado were sighted. More than one hundred solid houses were damaged. Probably tornado more 'stronger in the last 15 years in Italy.[39]
Rijsbergen tornado4 May 2013Netherlands-2 injuriesT7 tornado seen between Zundert and Rijsbergen.
Essex tornado28 July 2013United Kingdom-8 injuriesT8 tornado.
Grezzago (Milano) tornado29 Jul 2013Italy115 injuriesf2 torando


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List of European tornadoes and tornado outbreaks
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